Green Tree Hypnotherapy can help your employees, your bosses, your managers, in fact, everyone in your organisation, to feel better about coming to work, to enjoy their job more, to control the effects of stress and to be more productive.

We all recognise that sitting at a desk all day, stressing over the ever growing inbox, isn't great for our body or mind. There's no shortage of advice available about work/life balance and the joys of exercise.

But how many of us actually do it? When you've been working all evening, get up early, are on your third cup of coffee and already running late for your first conference call of the day, it’s not really at the front of your mind.

In engaging and inclusive group workshops, we will give you clear and empowering information about work stresses. We will demonstrate and practice, with the help of a qualified and experienced yoga instructor, simple and practical exercises for body and mind that can easily become part of your new and improved work-day routine.

All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your time schedule and organisation size. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and let me show you how your team can thrive.